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Juridisch adviseur
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Access to justice for everone

In Europe, 69% of people aren't able to access any help in case of legal issues.

Change is needed and governments and official organisations have the power to initiate this shift and to establish a culture where everyone has access to the legal support they need. assisted in creating this change. 

How Belgium lowers the barrier to justice

And how was able to help

In 2019, former Minister of Justice, Koen Geens, and the Flemish Bar Association contacted to find a solution to the problem that many Belgian residents did not have easy access to legal help when they needed it the most. This resulted in the idea of creating a virtual assistant to help people easily find a (Pro Bono) Lawyer.

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A virtual assistant guiding litigants towards a Pro Bono lawyer

How does it work?

1. Virtual Assistant 


People who think they might be entitled to a Pro Bono lawyer go to the digital legal assistant on a website or web portal.


2. Assessing Eligibility 

Based on a few questions, the digital assistant assesses the eligibility. If eligible, users get info on where and when to go to meet a Pro Bono lawyer.

3. Digital Application


Users can file their application digitally, upload documents and make an appointment.

4. Central Logging

All applications are stored centrally, if needed per location or based on other parameters.

5. Built-in Analytics


Get insights on key metrics (usage, applications,...)

Already 40.000+ users used the virtual assistant to find a Pro Bono lawyer

Could this be a solution for your fellow citizens?

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