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BaseNet integration

Customer of BaseNet and looking for more leads? Or do you want to save time when starting up a new client or contract? This is possible via the link between and BaseNet. 

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The integration means extra clients and working more efficiently. How?'s virtual assistant provides extra clientele

A visitor to your website can leave his details during a short interaction with an automated chatbot. This data can be used to automatically create a new client file in BaseNet. In addition, the potential client can also book a meeting himself in your BaseNet agenda via this virtual assistant.


Easily request information and onboard new clients via a smart questionnaire

Send a simple questionnaire to the (new) client, and collect all relevant information needed for the creation of a new client profile. Based on the provided information and uploaded documents, a new file is automatically created in BaseNet. No more back and forth calls, e-mails and requesting additional information, everything is now collected through one clear survey.


Easily and quickly draw up contracts with the contract generator

Via the intelligent contract generator, you can draw up an agreement in a few clicks, automatically supplemented with the already known information from BaseNet. Easy, right?

Want to know more? 

Request a demo and we will be happy to show you what the integration looks like in practice. 

Request a demo to see the integration in practice

Curious about what the integration looks like in practice? We are happy to explain it to you!

Thank you for your message. We will contact you.

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