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Standbeeld van Justitie op Bureau

Software solutions for lawyers, adapted to the needs of your office's legaltech solutions help digitize your law firm; automate repetitive tasks and put the customer back at the center gives you time back to focus on what really matters

Virtual Legal Assistant

Automate customer intake and answer questions

Do you lose precious time by answering frequently asked questions manually? Or are you looking for a way to automaticaly screen new leads / potential customers ?

Contract Generator

Automate contract drafting and involve the client

When drawing up a contract, a lot of information is needed from the client.  We automate the collection of this information and the generation of the contract

Internal Legal AI Assistant

Legal AI chatbots, adapted to your needs 

Need a solution to automatically answer compliance & legal questions from colleagues? Or is it hard for them to find their way to the internal GDPR resources?

AML Assistant AMLCare

Complete unburdening of anti-money laundering obligations

The AML obligations put extra pressure on the shoulders of lawyers. It is not always clear what to do and how to do it. The AMLCare tool can help you with this.


An artificially intelligent chatbot that helps you automate repetitive processes


Digitize your knowledge

Frequently asked questions can be answered automatically by the legal chatbot. This way you don't need to waste any more time on this and your office remains available 24/7.


Automate customer intake

Visitors receive first-line advice from the virtual assistant. After asking a few questions, the chatbot gets a clearer picture of the problem and can refer the potential customer to a lawyer at your office.


Be prepared for customer meetings

The website visitor can book an appointment online and upload relevant documents. You will receive a report with all the information you need to prepare for the first meeting.


Your contract templates or ours

In consultation with you, we draw up a simple questionnaire to request the necessary customer information, depending on the chosen contract. Existing templates can also be used here. 


Involve the client in the contract creation

Invite the customer by email to answer the questions. Any ambiguities are immediately explained. The client does not see that the agreement is being automated. 


Simple contract completion

After the client has answered the questions, you will receive the contract as a Word document, completed with the customer's information. You review the draft, make additions where necessary, and then send the completed agreement to the customer.


Automate your contract for 80% by involving the client in the drafting process


An assistant who helps your colleagues quickly find the necessary legal information


A legal assistant for everything

Using an internal legal chatbot, your colleagues can easily find the required GDPR, compliance or legal answers to their questions. This way, the relevant teams can focus on more urgent issues. 


Fully adapted to your office

The virtual assistant is fully personalized to your office. We use the already available internal information and make it available to colleagues in an easier way. In other words, we streamline internal communication in your office. 

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Digital unburdening from A to Z in the field of AML administration and training


Unburdening at office level

By completing a questionnaire about your office, an internal AML policy is automatically generated as well as a suggestion for the internal risk assessment 


Unburdening at client level

  • Customer identification done by your office or the client

  • Customer acceptance, with automatic risk level suggestion

  • Easy updating by means of automatic follow-ups and retention of data


Online training for your colleagues

In collaboration with Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers & AMLCO, we created an online training course, which can be followed by your colleagues at the time and on the device of their choice. 

Would you like to learn more?

During a demo, we can explain how we can help your office.


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